Drain Gas, Fuel, Oil with Safely Drain. The quick connect disconnect drain tool. End draining mess, expensive repairs and the threat of fire and explosion.

Great for draining gas, fuel or oil for maintenance, winter storage and spring wakeups. 

The quick connector installs in the fuel line. Once installed this quick connect drain tool makes drain gas, fuel and oil quick, easy and safe. Click the video below to see how easy it becomes. Our young friend David demonstrated its use. 

Our Safety Drain SD-2000 is rated at 200 pounds terminating in 5/16 hose barb.

Our SD-3000 in made from stainless steel and is great in marine use terminating in 1/4 NPT.

Both have been in industrial use for over 20 years. Viton seals insure that they are Bio Fuel 100 compliant. Our products are manufactured in America by proud Americans they are time tested and proven. Draining Ends the Problem.

Our SD-2000 installs inline in oil or fuel lines. They have Viton seals and are Bio-fuel compatible. Termination is 5/15 hose barb and fits 5/16 ID hose.drain_gas_tool_sd_3000_1024x1024-1

Chrome and Brass for Durability – Viton Seals for Bio Fuel 100 Compatibility – Easily Installs in the Fuel Line – Quick Connect Design – No Leakage – Lessens the chance of Explosions and Fire -Great for Storage and Fleet Service – Time Tested and Proven Design – Full Flow Performance Design – Exceeds ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 – Rated for 200 Psi – Termination is 5/16 Hose Barb – Flow Rate 0.75 GPM (gallon per minute) which equates to 45 GPH (gallon per hour)

SD-2000 $34.95                                                                            SD-3000 $49.95

Fast Quick Connect Design – Work on Fuel Systems Safely – No Leakage No Explosions or Fire – Great for Storage and Fleet Service – Time Tested and Proven Design – Made From Bar Stainless Steel – Full Flow Performance Design – Exceeds ISO 7241-1 – Rated for 5000 Psi – Termination is 1/4 NPT

Ethanol Hates Fuel Systems

Ethanol in our gas destroys fuel systems. New cars are built with plastic tanks that will not corrode. The Alcohol in Ethanol Gas sucks water from the air and turns into a nasty form of sulfuric acid called sulfide salts. Additives do not work. Popular Mechanics posted a chart that tells the truth about additives. Carburetor re-builders agree that once a carburetor is ethanol etched it can not be rebuild. Gas additives do not work for the long term. It is impossible to stop alcohol from adsorbing water. Draining for storage is the sure bet that stops expensive repairs. So Drain gas often and fast with Safety Drain. Install one today.Great for Marine use. Makes draining gas, fuel and oil fast and drip less. Rated for 5000 pounds. Viton seals make it Bio Fuel 100 compatible. Made in the USA.


Draining Ends the Problem

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