Ethanol is Corrosive Hates Fuel Systems

Draining Ends the Problem

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Carburetor re-builders will tell you once a carburetor is ethanol etched, they cannot be rebuilt. Additives fail the test of time resulting in etched carburetors. In fact ethanol is so aggressive that new car manufactures are replacing their metal gas tanks with plastic. The wise man will drain gas often to ensure no destruction from ethanol. In fact many auto manufacturers are making gas tanks out of plastic.

Our Motto: No Fumes, No Booms


Each year spilled fuel from draining gas results in explosions and fires that take lives and destroy millions of dollars in property. In repair shops, it is a requirement that the mechanics wear special anti-static static shoes. It is hard to believe that the internal combustion engine has been around since 1850 and no adequate means to remove old gasoline without life-threatening spillage has ever been introduced until now.

Our Product is Tough. Our Safety Drain SD-2000 is rated at 200 pounds terminating in 5/16 hose barb. Our SD-3000 in made from stainless steel and is great in marine use terminating in 1/4 NPT.  Both have been in industrial use for over 20 years. Viton seals insure that they are Bio Fuel 100 compliant. Our products are manufactured in America by proud Americans they are time tested and proven.Draining Ends the Problem

Necessity, the Mother of Innovation Safety Drain was born out of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. The inventor, a master mechanic at a young age, developed a hatred for the smell of gasoline. As a young man, he worked in his father’s auto wrecking yard where he would clean transmissions in gasoline before rebuilding them. After storm Sandy passed, and weeks of filling the generator gas tank, the thought of having to drain gas and smell gasoline sickened him. His generator set was new and had a shiny off on valve on the side. Looking at the generator he recognized a discrepancy: If the owner’s manual mentions draining the gas for storage, why would the manufacturers not install a gas drain? The warrantee stated that to not drain the gas would void the warrantee. This was the birth of the Safety Drain the gas drain tool.

Ecological Disaster Installed on automobiles alone, Safety Drain can save nearly 400,000 gallons of gasoline annually. It’s simple math. In America, there are over 254 million vehicles registered. If only 10% of these have their gas lines disconnected by standard methods annually, and only 2 ounces of gasoline is spilled each time. That equates to 397,207 gallons of gasoline evaporating into our atmosphere each year. That’s just for automobiles, not including lawnmowers, snowmobiles, generator sets, boats, jet skis, and all other gas powered engines. Gas vapors are not only detrimental to our ozone, but the release of them is a violation of the Clean Air Act.

April 03 2014, 3 Comments

Ethanol Hated Fuel Systems Ethanol Gas sucks water from the air then turns into a nasty form of sulfuric acid called sulfide salts. Additives do not work. Popular Mechanics posted a chart that tells the truth about additives and their content. Ethanol ate the carburetor in my 1933 Ford 1.5 ton truck rendering it not rebuild-able. Carburetor re-builders agree that once a carburetor is ethanol etched it can not be rebuild.